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Xbox One Obliterates Australia Sales Record, No One Cares


It looks like Australians really like the Xbox One.

According to research firm NPD group, Microsoft sold 65,918 Xbox One consoles in the first three days in the Australian market. This number obliterates the previous record holder, the Nintendo Wii with 32,901 consoles sold in the first four days. That number is likely to be less than 30k, so its safe to say that Xbox One beat the record by a large margin.

What does this all mean really? Not a damn thing.

Numbers like these in different countries like to get published to help build hype. Sure they sold a ton of Xbox Ones, but its still in its very early stages at market. Who knows what the number one console will be in 6 months or even 2 years from now. Publishers will make deals, developers will make exclusives, things are going to change based on many variables.

So congrats Australia for really liking the Xbox One…I guess?

P.S. No hate against Australia, you guys rock.