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Testing the Xbox One YouTube App


Despite Microsoft omitting YouTube from the list of available launch day apps, it looks like we’ve been treated to at least some good day one news (besides the amazing day one update).  The YouTube app for Xbox One is now available and we’ve had a chance to try it out. The load times were very inconsistent for us, but I would bet its more on YouTube’s side than Microsofts. Some videos loaded lightning fast for us, others crawled forever on its long buffering journey.

One pointless feature is that the Xbox One YouTube app will feature support for voice command controls. The typical, play, pause, fast forward, rewind seemed to work only a portion of the time. By first yelling at your Xbox, “YouTube!!!”, it will activate the app and bring up the gesture controls, channels, and streaming options.

One feature that is missing though is that the app isn’t yet compatible with the snapping feature, and apparently is coming in a few months. What that usually means is Microsoft doesn’t have a damn clue, so could be before the end of the year or hopefully by NEXT holiday season.