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There’s a Car in Forza 5 That Costs Over $120


Yep you read that right. That’s over $120 real world dollars if you straight up purchase the Lotus E21 with in-game tokens. The token transaction hierarchy has been completely reworked in Forza 5, and its not good for your wallet.

The way they’ve setup the token system is that individual cars become cheaper the more tokens you purchase. The smaller the pack of tokens you buy, the more expensive they become (how wonderful right?). So if you were to purchase the Lotus E21 in the most expensive way you could by purchasing 100 of the 100 token packs, it would cost you a nice $127.85.

Now, we assume only an idiot would do such a thing, as there is a cheaper alternative by buying the larger token packs, but you’d still be spending over $50 just for one damn car. This is nuts.

I understand the market is changing and that micro-transactions are easy money for developers, but this is just absurd. There shouldn’t be a car in a racing game that costs just as much as the whole damn game itself. I’m all for Turn10 making money on making a great game but this just reeks of corporate greed.

You’ll always have those few people who will end up spending hundreds of dollars on this game, and that unfortunately makes this a viable option for the developers.