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Ryse: Son of Rome Review


If you want to show off your shiny new Xbox One to your friends or family, this is the game you’ll probably want to use.

I’ll start with this…it’s not as bad as people are saying.

After reading the reviews of Ryse on other gaming sites, I instantly had my expectations lowered, so maybe that’s why I think the game isn’t nearly as bad as they’re all saying.

If you want to show off your shiny new Xbox One to your friends or family, this is the game you’ll probably want to use. Forza 5 looks great but just slightly better than Forza 4 on the 360. Ryse seems like its truly utilizing the new generation of processing power. The CryEngine running the game is quite powerful indeed. The most exciting thing about this is that Ryse is a launch game! The graphics, physics, particle effects, lighting and more can only get better from here.

Ryse has you in control of Marius, a Centurion warrior of the Roman army. The story is very intriguing and doesn’t take place in chronological order, which I enjoyed. The battle scenes are enormous and there’s so much going on it can be overwhelming at some times. The scope of what the Xbox One can do can be clearly seen here. What I liked about the environments is not only were they breathtaking (even at only 900p) but they were varied and interesting as well. It never felt like the areas around me were becoming repetitive, unfortunately the entire battle system was. The core of the game consists of stab, block, block, slash, execute, rinse and repeat. I know this was most people’s gripe with the game, and it does make it less enjoyable but I will say I actually did enjoy the combat for a good portion of the game. What I think let me down the most was that I was always expecting some new move or upgrade that would allow me to do some badass kills the whole game. That never came. It just continued to be the same sword/block mechanic that did indeed work, but got stale.

Despite that, I will say it did not ruin the game for me, it just made it slightly less enjoyable. The game definitely had some promise. If the combat was a little more exciting and they doubled the length of the campaign, this would be a very solid Xbox One launch game. Unfortunately, I feel like this game will be quickly forgotten in the coming years as new, better games come to market and developers figure out the best way to utilize the hardware.