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Peggle 2 Review


Peggle 2 is still addicting fun.

It’s a sad state of casual gaming when one of the exciting traits of Peggle 2 is that it isn’t free-to-play.


It is a sad but true truth as of late: casual gaming has been inundated by greed. On the flip-side of the coin, I am all for capitalistic gains for creating great games. I have spent my share of money on in-game purchases and DLC for many games (fuck you Candy Crush!).

Developers that create great content and want to make some money off of it is not a bad thing. It’s the obvious cash-grab, in-game forced purchases that haveruined the very nature of “free-to-play” gaming. This is an entirely different conversation on its own, so let me get back on track and talk about how awesome Peggle 2 is.

The addition of new Peggle masters adds even more personality to the game, something that wasn’t even lacking to begin with in the first one. Each master has their own unique set of levels, abilities, ¬†and even new completion songs. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers as unlocking these are part of the fun, but I will say one involves a twerking yeti.


Yes…a Twerking Yeti.

These additions alone would make for a great game, but PopCap added tons of great new features that spice the game up even more. New purple pegs increases your score multiplier and clearing orange pegs accrue more points for your multiplier. As you continue to clear the board, you continually get exponentially more points, and trick shots are now worth much more, leading to insane scores on some levels.

The soundtrack and new sound effects are fantastic. Each master has their own unique sounds too, so it keeps the gameplay fresh and not feeling too stale.

I’m glad that PopCap didn’t change up the formula too much. Instead they focused on the same great, addicting core gameplay of Peggle, and added new vibrantly colorful levels, more humor, new pegs, and the addition of the new masters is just icing on the cake. I will say that because I loved the new masters so much, I did actually leave wanting a bit more. Perhaps some DLC down the road could offer us more quirky masters to further enhance the experience.

We still don’t have much to choose from yet in this new Xbox One generation, so Peggle 2 is a great addition to sit nicely on your Xbox One dashboard.