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Forza 5 Review


Forza has become the definitive racing series for Microsoft’s systems for years now for a reason. Turn 10 has continually improved upon their winning formula of amazing graphics, realistic driving simulation, beautifully recreated tracks, and badass cars. So naturally, one would think that Forza 5 has improved upon Forza 4’s success significantly. Unfortunately with this launch title, this just isn’t the case.

Now don’t get me wrong, the game is a great successor to 4, but it could be so much better. Let’s hope that with some DLC in the coming months, we’ll see some improvement.

Overall, the gameplay is still fantastic, the tracks are all great, the cars look absolutely amazing and sound just as badass as they would in real life. I just think that the rush to have this game at launch greatly affected its potential. Their solution to this problem is a very lackluster track selection and a huge decrease in the number of cars. Turn 10 has stated that they will be releasing more cars in the future, but I know this was just a consequence of the forced launch date from Microsoft.

For usual Forza fans, you’ll feel right at home with Forza 5.

For usual Forza fans, you’ll feel right at home with Forza 5. You’ll be used to the usual fantastic unique driving experience you get with each car. The roster has been greatly reduced for now, but because of the launch and insane amount of detail put into each car, Turn 10 is taking their time releasing them.

The same can be said for the track selection, with the number of tracks being significantly dwarfed compared to Forza 4. Hopefully these two issues will be solved in future months so thats not too big of an issue right now (unless they take forever which could possibly happen).

The graphics do look incredible, yes. The attention to detail in the car models is just straight up insane. Turn 10 did a great job getting all of the little nooks and crannies in each vehicle to look just right. Despite that, I can say that I was slightly disappointed when I first fired the game up. Why? Well I was honestly expecting leaps and bounds beyond Forza 4, and that strictly isn’t so. I would say that the graphics are only marginally better than Forza 4, not 8 years of hardware development later. I’m not letting my expectations hurt the score too much though, because I do realize that part of this is just due to my expectations, but I will say I am excited to see what Forza 6 will look like in the future.

Another pet peeve I have is with the whole money-grab re-working of the car purchasing system. You can now purchase in-game “tokens” (what is this…fucking Chuck-E-Cheese?) to purchase new cars and upgrades. This of course has its flaws because Turn 10 can charge whatever the hell they want for a certain amount of tokens to equal your hard earned dollar, like charging $120 for one damn car. I can just see some Microsoft execs meeting with Turn 10 and  discussing just how much money they can suck out of their wallets before gamers get too pissed. It comes off as a little disingenuous especially considering that this isn’t a free game, it still costs $60. At least they did leave us the option of unlocking cars the old-fashioned way, by playing through the game and unlocking them slowly. I wouldn’t have even purchased this game had they taken that feature away, which I could see them doing in the future to increase in-game purchases (hopefully they’ll listen to us and won’t).

So at the end of the day, is Forza 5 worth your purchase for your shiny new system? If you’re a big fan of the previous installments, or just love cars like I do, then absolutely yes. Forza 5 will keep you entertained for the months to come, and with the slightly updated graphics and great new car models, this is just straight up car porn. If you’re a little weary of the fact that this is a marginal upgrade for Forza 4, and aren’t crazy about the series, then I suggest you wait until early next year when much more content is available (or just wait for Forza 6).

Review overview
Graphics - 9.0
Gameplay - 8.5
Audio - 9.5
Longevity - 7.0