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Dead Rising 3 DLC Details Revealed


The folks over at Capcom have finally revealed some details regarding the upcoming downloadable content for their Xbox One launch game, Dead Rising 3.

Titled, “Operation Eagle”, the new mission will have you in control of a Spec Ops commander as you search for the missing U.S. President, which sounds interesting.

The DLC will come with a whole new mission and five new weapons (although the specifics of the weapons have yet to be revealed). Capcom also stated that you’ll get a new combo weapon, a new vehicle, and a new outfit… yay!! The generous people there have also decided to allow potential Dead Rising 3 gamers a timed demo to explore the game for 20 minutes.

They have said this can be done only two times per gamertag, so use those minutes wisely! If I only had 20 minutes I’d just grab anything and start killing as many zombies as I possibly could.

The exact date and pricing has yet to be revealed, stay tuned for more.