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6 Awesome Facts About the Xbox One You Probably Didn’t Know


Vsauce3 over at YouTube has given us a glimpse into the inside of the Xbox One and delivers some fascinating quick facts about the system since its launch.


  1. Microsoft sold 2 million Xbox One consoles in 18 days, enough to fill 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  2. The Xbox One has 20 times the hard drive space of the first Xbox 360 premium.
  3. It would take 5.5 Xbox 360s to equal the peak performance of the Xbox One’s GPU.
  4. If you did a calculation every second for 41,512 years, it would be as many as the GPU of the Xbox One could do in one second.
  5. The new Kinect sensor alone has 128MB of RAM, 2 times the total RAM of the original Xbox.
  6. The camera can detect your pulse by reading color changes in your face…which is just creepy.

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