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5 Reasons We’re Excited for Titanfall


You can’t mention Xbox One lately without someone mentioning Titanfall. This game is going to help sell systems. The scope, creativity, and ambition of the development team all seem to be perfectly aligning to release a massive title for Xbox One.

There’s way more than 5 reasons we’re excited for this game, but this is the Internet and we all have the attention span of a 5 year old.

1. The Titans


I’m really excited to see how much the Titans affect the competitiveness of the matches. They will obviously play a huge role in each multiplayer game, but at this point we’re not really sure how significant of an impact they’ll have. With the new classes of Ogre and Stryder just recently announced, I’m even more excited to see how they’ll dynamically change up the gameplay. Plus I love mechs, they’re fucking awesome.

2. Double Jump Jetpacks


The double jump jetpack in Titanfall takes the typically flat multiplayer FPS game vertical. We’ll get to see how gamers will dynamically adapt to this when coming from something like Call of Duty, which will be exciting. This isn’t to say this is completely new, Halo had plenty of vertical maps that helped change the way the map was played, but Titanfall is taking it to a whole new LEVEL (pun completely intended).

3. Wall Running


Again, not a new concept but we’ve never quite seen it fully integrated into multiplayer gameplay quite like this. This additional movement allows you to freely roam the maps with ease, making you harder for your enemies to shoot. This also changes up how you scan your environments. In most multiplayer FPS games, you can usually scan enemies by scanning the horizon and picking up movement, but in Titanfall, your enemies can come from anywhere, and that’s exciting. Checking the skies for an enemy squad? Well you also just lost the view of the ground in front of you, thus making you vulnerable.

4. The Pilots


As excited as I am about the titans, the pilots look pretty sweet as well. Not only will there be titan classes, but pilots will also have classes, adding even more options to your arsenal. One aspect of the game that I hadn’t thought about before is the amount of different skirmishes that will take place in each match. Pilots vs. pilots, pilots vs. titans, titans vs. titans, it will all happen in total FPS mayhem. The game totally changes when you get in your titan, and changes again when you’re a pilot. This should make for some very share-worthy matches that you’ll want to share with friends (or upload to YouTube with shitty music in the background.)

5. It’s Multiplayer Only


Many people see this as a downside but I do indeed disagree. Many people tend to focus on how well the campaign experience is on FPS games and see the multiplayer experience as more of an “add-on”. The multiplayer experience in Titanfall IS the only experience you’ll have to worry about. Reviewers (XboxOneUp.com included) will get to focus on just one thing – how well made the multiplayer experience is. We won’t have to worry about how intricate the story is, how many hours long the campaign is, or how annoying the auto-save feature is. Gamers can now just focus on pwning n00bs, and how awesome it is doing it. Sure, a single player campaign could potentially add something to the game, but this game is made to be played online with friends, and I’m glad the team at Respawn Entertainment went that route.

So that’s the main 5 reasons for why we’re excited for Titanfall. BTW, if you haven’t pre-ordered that shit yet I suggest you get on it!

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